Wild Sri Lanka – Realm of the Leopard

A blue-chip wildlife documentary about the lowland leopard and other exotic species inhabiting the dry zone jungles of the country. Distributed internationally by Earth Touch (UK), it’s the first Sri Lankan production about the dry zone leopard of Sri Lanka.

This film looks at the diverse and colourful wildlife of Sri Lanka, which flourishes in both the highland jungles and lowland plains. Leopards, jackals and crocodiles are the apex predators, but the country also boasts some of the rarest creatures on Earth, including the Sloth Bear and the Grey Loris. The film was recently acquired by Discovery channel (Asia) and premiered on 21st August -2019. It was telecast over 18  Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, North Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau and Myanmar.


The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka

Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet” ran a segment about mythical creatures in the animal kingdom, including the ‘Devil Bird of Sri Lanka’ —  footage from our 2014 short documentary “The Devil Bird of Sri Lanka” was included in the show! Click ‘VIEW’ to watch the video.


Voice of the Night

“Voice of the Night”  explores the myths and legends of the mythical, Sri Lankan ‘Devil Bird’ or  “Ulama” whose terrifying nocturnal call is believed to be an omen of death. It won the REEL 13 Weekly Short Film Contest (2018) in the United States and was telecast on WNET, a Public Media Channel in New York, USA.


Sri Lanka – Big Four

A documentary short about the ‘Big Four’ mammals of Sri Lanka and the plight they face due to habitat loss and poaching. Distributed online via VOD streaming platform ‘Ecostreamz’, it’s the first Sri Lankan documentary to be featured on the website. It was screened at several international film festivals. Further, it was screened at the Kula Lumpur Eco Film Festival (KLEFF) in Malaysia – 2019.


Brown Wood Owl: Juvenile’s Journey

A story about two juvenile owls discovered accidentally in a crevice of a tree—their behavior, hardships and obstacles were chronicled after filming them for three weeks.

The film premiered at the 2014 ‘Wildlife Conservation Film Festival’ in New York, USA and was screened at nearly 20 international film festivals.


Cobbler’s Dream

“Cobbler’s Dream” unveils the story of a poor, widowed cobbler who tries to keep the memory of his wife alive under testing circumstances. Written by Thivanka R. Perera and directed by Sydney Chandrasekera, It made its premiere at the ‘International Delhi Film Festival’ in 2017.


“A beautifully shot fable about the impermanence of life, and the weathered state one can find oneself in, this short film is a cautionary piece about not taking life for granted, especially those people who make up its main parts.”


Silent Letter

Silent Letter – story of a poor, low-caste boy from a rural village in Sri Lanka, who dreams of escaping to the city (circa 1980’s). Written by Thivanka R. Perera and directed by Kamal Addarachchi.


It won this award out of over 400 entries from 34 countries.  It was also picked for distribution by ‘Shorts International’ and was broadcast in USA in 2016/2017. Also, it clinched a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE at the Fifth Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival in Mumbai, India, in 2016.

Presently it is telecast internationally on ‘Shorts International’ and on ‘Dialog TV Vinode’ locally.


For Devil’s Sake: Owls of Sri Lanka

‘For Devil’s Sake: Owls of Sri Lanka’ is about the myth of the notorious ‘Devil Bird’ of Sri Lankan folklore; the film explores the myth, superstitions and facts behind the bird, while also relating the negative affect of superstition on the avifauna of the country. It is also the first documentary to visually document the owls of Sri Lanka.

“For Devil’s Sake – Owls of Sri Lanka” was screened at ‘Colorado Environmental Film Festival’ in 2015.