Video segment about “Wild Sri Lanka – Realm of the Leopard” on ‘Pulse’, a premiere social media channel in Sri Lanka (September, 2019).

Interview about “Wild Sri Lanka – Realm of the Leopard” on Channel Eye – Rupavahini (September, 2019). The documentary is the first independent wildlife film production to be acquired by Discovery Channel. It was subsequently broadcast on Discovery (Asia) channel from August 21st – 29th.

I Am Curious About Sri Lankan Audience: Award Winning Screenwriter Thivanka Perera … shared his experience with his maiden success of ‘Silent Letter’ during an interview with “Asian Mirror”  [Sep 4, 2017 ]

“Hollywood does not get much stories from Sri Lanka” he added. Hence the cultural elements are not recognized often. Thivanka shared that even though many westerners had difficulties in recognizing Sri Lankan rooted characters in ‘Silent Letter’ due to cultural difference at first but now it has been adopted as a teaching material at his own university.